Fat Cat Productions produces television commercials, public service announcements,
web videos, training videos, corporate videos and independent films.

Our goal is to build relationships and to assist with the growth of our client’s business or organization’s needs.

From concept to completion, our creative staff works hard to educate, entertain and promote their business, product, service or message to customers and potential customers.

Fat Cat Productions was established in 2001. We are known for our honesty, integrity and dedication to our clients. We have won several international awards for producing top quality material.

The first step in the production process is to visit with our client, discuss their budget and decide what message they want to convey.

Secondly, we provide research and make recommendations to refine the creative development for our client’s campaign.

After the script and storyboard are developed for the client’s review and approval, the shot list, location, props, cast, and wardrobe are designed and filming takes place.

During editing, the narration, graphics and music are added and the project is completed.

Fat Cat Productions can work with nearly any budget. Let us shine a bright spotlight on your business or organization.